New Destination: Ibiza

Next stop - Ibiza, Spain! An all-new destination on 7 Seas Casino with lots to discover.
The ship will arrive at Ibiza port for the first time ever on February 1, 2024 for 9 days!

New 7 Seas Casino Destination: Ibiza

Ibiza Port

There's lots to discover and many prizes to win in this all-new neon-lit destination!
And we're here to guide you through!

Ibiza Port in 7 Seas Casino

New Venue - Ibiza Nights

Attend or host a party in the Ibiza Nights venue with 4 new Charms!
Or just visit the venue to hang-out, dance and have fun!

Ibiza Nights Venue in 7 Seas Casino

New Ibiza Charms

Eight new Charms - available only in Ibiza!

Food Charms / Party Favors

These 4 Charms are available only in Ibiza Port and Ibiza Nights Venue.

Ibiza Charms in 7 Seas Casino

Charms As Rewards

These 4 new Charms are available as rewards from different mini-games and activities.

Ibiza Reward Charms in 7 Seas Casino

New Ibiza Fishes

Catch 12 new fishes and other sea critters that are unique to Ibiza port!
How many can you collect before the ship departs?

Ibiza Fishes in 7 Seas Casino

New Mini Game - Gelateria

Get a treat from the Gelateria!
Cost: 10 Starfish

Gelateria Mini-Game in 7 Seas Casino

New Mini Game - Viewfinder

Sightsee through the viewfinder. And see what special prizes catch your eye!
Cost: 35 Starfish

Viewfinder Mini-Game in 7 Seas Casino

Free Gift From Ibiza Dolphin

Check in with the Ibiza Dolphin for free special rewards!

Free Gift From Ibiza Dolphin in 7 Seas Casino

New Slots - Club Spins

Get spinnin' in the new Club Spins Slots!
Includes new Achievements and Player Titles!

Ibiza Club Spins Slots in 7 Seas Casino

Dalt Vila Clothing Shop

Visit the Dalt Vila Clothing Shop for new outfits, hairstyles and accessories!


Ibiza Accessories in 7 Seas Casino

Female Outfits

Ibiza Female Outfits and Hairstyles in 7 Seas Casino

Male Outfits

Ibiza Male Outfits and Hairstyles in 7 Seas Casino

Who knows how long before we stop at this port again!

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